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Conquering Mt Kilimanjaro


Troop84 flag making it to Mt Kilimanjaro ! Congratulations and Thanks to Mr Perkins and Mr Lee.


Boy Scout Troop 84 meets at Church of the Valley (COV) Tuesdays 7:15-8:30 pm, located at 19001 San Ramon Valley Blvd.
There will be PLC meeting (7:00 PM)  on 1st Tuesday of every month. For rest of the Tuesdays we will have  regular Troop meetings.

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Join Troop84SRV Yahoo! Groups to get the new Troop 84 email service. Questions may be directed to the Troop84SRV Yahoo! Groups Moderator. Here are some diagnostic tips if email isn't received as expected.

Troop84SRV Alumni Group
Are you alumni of Troop 84? Join the alumni yahoo group, by subscribing to Troop84alumni.
Medical Forms
Medical forms are accessed here. Questions about the Annual Health and Medical Record form are covered in this FAQ.
Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training for adult leaders and parents participating in Scouting events. Read about it from BSA-MDSC.org  here.

Create an account with MyScouting.org.

Email Troop84YPTCoordinator@yahoo.com with your Username or Member ID after you complete the 20 minutes training and have your certificate.

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Equipment(gear) swap/sale - click here


The mistletoe sales starts early december 2017. Please mark your calendars and confirm via SignUpGenius
  • Friday 12/1, cutting mistletoe
    • 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Livermore
  • Friday 12/1, bagging:
    • 5:30 PM -9:00pm - Montevideo Drive, San Ramon, CA 94583
  • Mistletoe Sales: To sell at multiple locations, two-four shifts each day on following days, 
    1. Saturday 12/2
    2. Sunday 12/3
    3. Saturday 12/9
    4. Sunday 12/10
    5. Saturday 12/16 (if needed)
    6. Sunday 12/17 (if needed)
  • Each Scout is mandatory to take ONE selling shifts.
  • Parents are expected to take ONE selling shift.
Since this is our only fundraiser, we need everyone's help. We use the proceeds to keep costs down for all the outings, and purchase new equipment as needed. We need 2 scouts and 1 adult to supervise per shift (2 1/2 hours).  All family members encouraged to participate.
* "Sales" are tax donations to Troop 84, and mistletoe is a thank you gift to the community.